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1128Matthew Galajda, Cornell
2126Jake Kielly, Clarkson
3109Cale Morris, Notre Dame
4107Tanner Jaillet, Denver
5104Billy Christopoulos, Air Force


1121Adam Gaudette, Northeastern
298Ryan Kuffner, Princeton
394Dylan Sikura, Northeastern
494Ryan Donato, Harvard
593Erik Brown, RIT

Best Games

RankPointsPlayerOpponentStat LineDate
118Evan Smith, YalePrinceton4-0--4 (GWG SHG PPG HAT)2/10
216Marc Michaelis, Minnesota StateBemidji3-0--3 (PPG GWG SHG HAT)11/10
316Bobo Carpenter, Boston UniversityUConn3-1--4 (PPG GWG PPG PPG HAT)10/21
416Liam Coughlin, VermontLowell3-0--3 (PPG PPG GWG PPG PPG HAT)1/20
516Tony Calderone, U. MichiganWisconsin4-0--4 (PPG PPG GWG HAT)3/2