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Results from Jan. 17 have been restored, except for some Some Goalie decisions.

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1140Dryden McKay, Minnesota State
2105Frank Marotte, Clarkson
394Zach Driscoll, Bemidji State
490Spencer Knight, Boston College
588Matthew Galajda, Cornell


175Jason Cotton, Sacred Heart
273Marc Michaelis, Minnesota State
373Tyce Thompson, Providence
471Johnny Walker, Arizona State
569Alex Newhook, Boston College

Best Games

RankPointsPlayerOpponentStat LineDate
117John Leonard, U. MassachusettsProvidence3 G, 1 A GWG SHG PPG HAT2/8
216Cameron Wright, Bowling GreenMiami4 G, 0 A PPG GWG PPG HAT10/6
315Greg Printz, ProvidenceMaine4 G, 1 A PPG HAT10/5
415Austin McIlmurray, Sacred HeartAir Force3 G, 1 A PPG GWG PPG HAT1/31
514Ron Greco, Boston CollegeVermont3 G, 1 A GWG PPG HAT1/4